Roll out cassette rack

Efficient storage of long materials - steel profiles, tubes, pipes, bars, angle iron,...

  • - 100% extractible cassettes
  • - Comptact and stuctured storage system
ladestelling 2
  • - Drawers extractible with forklift truck or electric stacker
  • - Direct acces to your profiles with crane
stockage buizen
  • - Up to 2000 kg per drawer
  • - Only 1 person needed
Profile dimensions Type Standard dimensions cassette (L/B/H) Loading capacity cassette
Max. 3 m HBR 300 3200/500/300mm 2000 kg
Max. 6 m HBR 600 6200/500/300 mm 2000 kg
Other dimensions and loading heights are also possible, ask about our solutions.

Video: Storage of profiles in the roll-out cassette rack

The cassette can be pulled out with the loading crane and placed on the metal support. This way the crane is free for the manipulation of the material.
When available, the cassettes can also be pulled out and supported by a forklift or eletric stacker.

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Roll-out cassette rack - Handling

Pulling out the cassettes with the loading crane


Compact storage of long profiles = round, square, flat, rectangular profile- tube- bar- strip – angle iron in steel, aluminum, stainless steel, …

compacte stockage balkstaal

Extendable cassettes for storing profiles

uitrolbare laden met draaihendel

Extendable with forklift truck or electric stacker

transport profielen laadkraan

Direct acces with crane

Compact storage profiles

Photo 1

Storage profiles

Photo 2

Storage plat iron

Photo 3

Roll-out cassette rack

Photo 4

Profile rack with extendable cassettes

Photo 5

Storage rack profiles

Photo 6

Storage profiles

Photo 7

Storage profiles

Photo 8

Storage iron axes

Photo 9

Roll-out cassette rack

Photo 10

Profile rack with extendable cassettes

Photo 11

Storage rack steel iron axes

Photo 12

Storage profiles pipes axes

Photo 13

Storage profiles pipes axes

Photo 14

Compact storage of tubes bars profiles

Photo 15

cassette system storage for profiles tubing

Photo 16

cassette rack for compact storage of metal profiles

Photo 17

extractible cassettes for storage of steel metal profiles

Photo 18

loading bridge storage rack cassettes

Photo 19

loading crane storage solution with cassettes

Photo 20

efficient hadling storage system warehouse

Photo 21

warehouse cassette rack for storage of metals

Photo 22

warehouse workshop storage rack with cassettes

Photo 23

storage solution for profiles tubing bars

Photo 24

warehousing storage rack with extractible cassettes

Photo 25

storage copper pipes extractible drawers

Photo 26

storage solution for profiles with loading crane manipulation

Photo 27

Profile storage rack

Photo 28

Bar section storage

Photo 29

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5